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Mariage au Cap - Your Wedding in Cap d'Agde - Validation Party

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In a totally awesome chapel at the Jardin de Babylone

?? Let us Marry you - Vegas style ??
......BUT SEXIER !


Who hasn't dreamt of getting married or remarried in Cap d'Agde? Naked? In Lingerie? Threesome wedding? Foursome wedding?

What place in the world is better suited for such a celebration then this magical village of Cap d'Agde?

Come and get married by one of our priests or priestesses in our Chapel and leave with your beautiful souvenir photos which you won't share with your family!


Procedure of the ceremony:

  1. The bride enters this magnificent place designed to unite you, and the music starts.
  2. It is up to you to choose your playlist, you can also choose a musician from the options below.
  3. The bride joins her future husband from the arm of her lover or lovers, the selected officiant will then proceed with the blessing.
  4. Each of the loved ones exchange their wishes.
  5. Then comes the exchange of the rings. It is up to you to choose your preferred option on how to exchange your rings.
  6. A bottle of Rosé will be offered to you together with the photos and the official certificate of the ceremony.
  7. Don't forget to look at our options below to see what you can add to your ceremony.

Duration: 30 min


Ceremonies will be celebrated on the hour, every hour between 11:00 & 17:00 from the 30th May till the 15th September 2019 and are dependent on availability - please enter your preferred date and time in the comments field when you make your booking, and we will confirm availability and your appointment. This event is available only by online pre-booking.


Additional options

  • Musicians : DJs, Violinist, Saxophonist, Darbouka
  • Flowers: Floral decorations - Bouquet
  • Sweet and Sour buffet
  • Champagne, Alcoholic beverages
  • Wedding list from our partner sex shop
  • Professional photographer
  • Costumes
  • Tour of the village with electric car

The more options you choose, the more likely we are to give you a special price. Please contact us with your requests so that we can send you a precise quote.


The masters of ceremony:

  • Miss Little Alexie - July: A dominant lady that will make you walk straight. If you want your marriage to be a success, this is the lady for you!
  • François - August: Are you a gogo dancer? François will be able to unite you with a firm hand, for the lady's pleasure.


Tipologia Categoria Disponibilità Prezzo
Biglietto Coppie Premium
Coppia Disponibilità 48 85,00

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Biglietto Coppie
Varie Disponibilità 49 95,00

Vi preghiamo di stampare il biglietto ed esibirlo all'ingresso.

Professional Photograher Disponibilità 48 80,00
Bouquet of Flowers Disponibilità 47 85,00
Darbouka and Violin performers Disponibilità 49 500,00
Charles Heidsieck Champagne Disponibilità 49 80,00