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venerdì 29 luglio 2016
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It was 11:45pm when my cell phone buzzed in my pocket and my eyes fluttered open. I huddled under a blanket on the couch, having only slept fitfully for a couple of hours, anxious for the night's activities.

For the next several minutes as my body fully awoke, I took to staring straight at the ornate clock on the wall, and I felt like it was toying with me as the minute hand got slower and slower. I could swear it went backwards one minute when I blinked.

By 11:53pm I couldn't handle the suspense any longer and figured it was close enough to midnight already. I slipped off the couch, my dick already fully erect at the night's possibilities. As quietly as possible, I padded to the left hallway, glancing in the other direction to ensure her parents were not up and about.

The first door I came across was wide open and revealed a hallway bathroom. So I continued down and found the next door, cracked open just enough to allow a sliver of moonlight to peer through.

I peeked inside to see the feminine room, lit only by the moon and decorated in soft purples, which was Christina's favorite color. I felt a little sigh of happiness at finally seeing her bedroom for the first time.

I slipped inside, squinting to see the old posters of Christina's favorite movies, some of which she'd forced me to endure with her on DVD. Quickly I turned and closed the door, wincing at the noise it made when it shut against the doorjamb. The figure on the bed stirred. I assumed Christina had fallen asleep waiting for me as well.

I lifted the covers and spooned in behind her, contouring my body against her relative warmth. She was in the usual loose T-shirt and tight panties. Her jet black hair draped gracefully across the pillow and I softly kissed the back of her head. My left arm slid underneath her pillow to get out my way while my right hand immediately went to Christina's ass, tightly outlined by the sheer fabric.

She stirred a little more while I stroked her leg and nuzzled her back. After a little more petting of her bare leg she let out a deep breath that seemed to indicate that she was awake and enjoying my touch.

I took that as my cue and slid my hand down between her legs. And before she could react I'd slid the thin strap of her panties to the side and pressed a finger into the moist folds of her pussy. She gasped loudly as my middle finger slipped easily into her tunnel all the way to the knuckle, and then I pulled my hand back so that my wet fingertips could start rubbing at her clit.

Christina's moans were music to my ears, and she began to grind her hips while I continued to finger her. Quickly, I sped up my ministrations, tickling until she came to a small climax, letting out a relieved gasping moan while her thighs trembled. I loved hearing her sweet voice audibly telling me how much she was enjoying this.

When she finished, I rotated her onto her stomach, her head pressed into the pillow with her hair covering her. I tugged at her panties to drag them down her legs and off her body while she remained acquiescent to my moves. Then quickly, I stripped myself and then returned to the bed.

Knowing I should not linger too long and desperate to embed my dick inside of her, I kneaded at Christina's firm asscheeks and then pried at her legs to move her into position. She moved readily and got to her knees, sticking her bare ass into the air while burying her face almost directly into the pillow. The hem of her T-shirt began to slide down her back from the angle, and I helped the process along with my hands until her shirt was around her shoulders and I was able to reach my hands down to palm her firm breasts. The nipples were rock hard to my touch, and I tweaked them while my cock came up between her legs.

In the dim moonlight all I could see was the pleasant shape of her ass and naked back, her pussy hidden by the shadows. With erection in hand I searched around blindly until the tip was able to find her sopping wet pussy. And then placing my other head into her moist folds, I leaned in with my hips and slowly buried my dick inside of wet vaginal tunnel.

I was so horny and engorged with blood, either my dick felt bigger or she felt even tighter than I'd remembered.

Reaching my right hand around to her clit again, I flicked at it furiously while I pumped my shaft in and out. Christina moaned a low "yes... yes..." before trying to quiet her noises and stuffing her face into the pillow again. I understood the need to remain silent and held back my own grunting while I drilled in and out of her tight tunnel.

After a few minutes with my fingers at her love button, I ****ed her to a climax, Christina's shriek muffled by the pillow. I carved my shaft inside of her for another minute, making sure it was as saturated as possible by her orgasmic honey.

Now it was time to seize my prize. I pulled out, my erection glistening in the moonlight from the heavy coatings of fluid, and redirected myself at her *******. She couldn't help but moan loudly into the pillow as the large head began to stretch her ******* wide, and her whimpers almost became too loud before the crown of my cock finally popped through her sphincter.

Christina's body shuddered as my dick penetrated her. And just inside of her ass, I waited for a minute, letting her get adjusted to my pole splitting her in half, until finally her tremors subsided.

Once she'd calmed down enough, I leaned my hips forward, and then had to fight back a sigh of my own as the supertight tunnel constricted around my sensitive skin and vibrated against my shaft. I was in a dry, hot hell and loving every second of it.

She let out a new breathy moan as I burrowed deeper and deeper down her chute, and sighed happily once I hit bottom, my pubic hair nestled against her asscheeks. "Aw, ****..." I couldn't help grunting.

Christina didn't respond, but merely settled her knees more properly so that when I pulled back, she began to thrust her hips back to meet me as I drove forward, our bodies coming together with a meaty slap.

Our joining was still hidden in the shadows, but my imagination filled in the most amazing sight of my thick shaft sliding in and out between her perfect asscheeks. I fought to keep quiet, but simply could not stop my low grunts and Christina appeared to get even more turned on listening to me vocalizing while I violated her nether hole.

Very quickly, I felt the sperm in my balls begin to simmer as her tight ass muscles clenched and unclenched rhythmically. My hips began their acceleration to inevitability, and Christina lifted her torso to get fully on her hands and knees as she flung herself back at me as fast as I could pound her.

All at once, I felt the sperm in my balls reach boiling point, and then I gasped as I distinctly felt the cum race up my shaft. I grunted a quiet, "Oh, ****!" and then I was blowing my wad into this beautiful ass before me.

She let out a low hissing "yesss..." as she felt the first jet splatter against her insides, and her ass muscles were clenching and unclenching around my vibrating shaft while I continued to pump out my load into her bowels.

I kept thrusting back and forth as my cum shot out to fill up her anal cavity, and finally the last drops had been coaxed out of me to dribble into her chute.

Christina collapsed down onto the bed, and my semi-hard cock pulled out with a wet sploosh. Almost immediately, she was panting with her face back against the pillow. I leaned down and kissed her on the cheek quickly, but she waved me away.