TRAVEL REPORT: Spicymatch Foam Week, 1.-08.08.2015, Cap d'Agde Naturist Village.

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martedì 25 agosto 2015

We and other swinger couple decided to travel to one of the most famous or even world’s most famous swingers/naturist village in Cap d'Agde. Having 7 years Swinger experience, we believed that there would not be a lot of surprises for us but we hoped that there was.

We have gathered information on the web in advance, for example, by joining Spicymatch as a full member, so we can join some of the parties for free and get access to insider information (, with code rbspicy you can get 6 month free trial membership as new member) and this was a good idea, because so it also worked. In addition, we interviewed two pairs who have been in Agde before and so we ended up with the following types of travel plan:

1. Airport Hotel in Vantaa

2. Morning flight to Barcelona

3. A rental car for 8 days

4. Access to Holiday Apartment keys

5. Week card to naturist village

6. A week of enjoyment and fun

7. Return home

Finally journey started. We had booked a hotel room in the Best Western Pilot, Vantaa because the flight was 6:30 in the morning, the room was cheap, the car was allowed to park for free and the there was free transportation to airport. We couldn’t do anything but laugh when we had carried the suitcases to reception and we realized we were in the wrong hotel. Well, bags back in the car and then to the right hotel. We left the bags in a hotel room and we walked to shopping center Flamingo to meet a new swinger pair who had just joined to swinger forum. Our private party phone, of course, went crazy when we tried to agree a meeting place but we managed to meet our date doing some tricks and we spent nice hour with them discussing swinging, about ourselves and of course the Cap d'Agde, where we were going. We agreed to contact further and then we had a dinner with our travel company. After dinner we spent the evening in their hotel room.

In the morning, or should we say at night at 4:00 the phone alarm woke for breakfast, after which we had a transportation to Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Flight arrangements went smoothly and we flew to Barcelona.

In Barcelona we moved by bus from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 at which we found Interrent car rental point where we had our car reservation. The clerk asked where we are heading and when we told that we are going to France, he refused to give a car. We called the broker, who said that he cannot do anything, because the clock was 5 minutes over the agreed pick-up time. What on earth? We agreed on the phone that the complaint information will be sent to our e-mail and we went to look for a new car rental broker. This would potentially cause 350 € loss to us.

In Europcar's point young rental lady announced the price of the week more than 700 Euros, which changed after Ridge’s eye blings, cry looks and begging’s were at the start from 15% and finally to 40% discount and the total price at the end was 535 € (465 € + 70 € extra driver cost). We got almost brand-new Clio and drive towards Cap d'Agde could began. Lesson learned was that you should verify if it’s allowed to drive rental car beyond the country's borders. In addition, you should check if the country of destination demands to have tax stamp in the windshield.

The trip went smoothly in the beautiful scenery while messing around road toll queues, because it was a matter which toll queue you should choose. There was a special card queues, cash queues, credit card queues, take the ticket queues, etc. Total toll cost was approximately € 30.

About 4.5 hours later we arrived in Cap d'Agde, which where we were supposed to call to French Madame, who would speak only French and Spanish, that we could get the apartment key. Ridge agreed meeting place and after 10 minutes Madame arrived, introduced an apartment, parking lot, took a € 300 guaranteed money and wished a good holiday. Yes, now we were in Agde, we had a room and everything was fine. We took a walk in port, of course, with clothes on, because the hotel location was outside from naturist village and finally we went to eat a three-course / three hours dinner. After dinner we were ready to go to bed.

On Sunday, after the morning hustle we moved to a nearby restaurant for breakfast. Breakfast included juice, coffee, croissants, baguettes, butter and jam and cost 6.90 € per person. Next, we drove near entrance of naturist village and we bought an access card for a week for 4 person and a car. The price was 125 €. Before entering area we went to shopping at Lidl, which in deed was not a good idea. Lidl was very small, the choice was poor and there was a lot of empty shelves. In addition we did not get car parked due to number of cars in area. After delivering goods to hotel room we travelled to naturist village.

As soon as we got through the gate we began to see naked people everywhere. Some walked, some were cycling, and some were sitting in cafes. Awesome! After almost hopeless hunting the parking lot we finally got the car parked. Seconds after stopping the car Brooke had a big smile on her face and she got naked on the sidewalk. "Now, I finally found my place," she mentioned.

The rest of us took off clothes a bit slowly, greased the suntan lotion to each other and started to walk towards adult’s beach. At the start Ridge was a little surprised and disturbed the naked children accompanied by adults. Especially when some of the men walked having quite large erection. At last we arrived at the beach in the correct position, which we set up the camp. A few minutes later, we saw one active couple in front of us, a woman sucked the man’s cock glancing in our direction. The same thing happened at the right side where the well-tattooed couple started similar functions. WOW! What a place. Also behind us lonely young man sat on the towel cock very hard towards our direction as the attack ready snake. Greater environmental study, we found this to be very common there. Not a bad place, we thought together and also we started to touch each other.

In the evening, after leaving the beach we stopped to eat in one restaurant of the area – naked, of course. Again, this was a new and liberating experience for all. After eating we went to prepare for the evening's Pink Party, where to we had received an invitation from Spicymatch.

So we saved € 60 per couple. Pink Party were in the popular Le Glamour Swinger Club, which pulls in up to 1000 swingers. The dress code was strict, especially for men, and in front of us doorman turned away the smartly dressed couple because of man’s leather sandals and asked to change sandals to leather shoes. We were the first couple in the club and noticed impressive facilities and especially the expensive beverage list. Wine bottles cost more than € 120 and a small beer 10 €. A tip: If you did not receive free entrance reserve a table for four people + a bottle of wine for € 140. So this bottle will be almost free of charge.

Spicymatch members received pink hats and other props, which you can see at least in our pictures in Spicymatch site at least. In the Club we met Finnish and the new Swedish couple among others. Otherwise, the evening went great getting to know Club. As by accident we found stairs to Downstairs and there we found really big space with lots of rooms. And this was the place where all activity was. In many rooms many couples practiced sex. In others, there was only one couple, in others a bigger group and many also had a lot of fun watching the activities. We paid attention to older gentleman who probably had hired himself companion to gain access to the party, because the club for lonely men were not allowed. The after party was then held at the hotel by us.

On Monday, we ate breakfast in our own small balcony and headed towards Le Glamour and a new acquaintance, Foam Party (Mousse Party). In the area we got lucky and we got the car parked sidewalk near to Le Glamour. After nude photo session on sidewalk, we went to the mall, naked of course. Yet another wonderful liberating experience.

We bought to a foam party small transparent waterproof neck bag, where we put the money, condoms and car key, because on the foam party you must be naked. On Le Glamour we noticed that there is also a cloakroom where you can leave, for example, sandals, and any clothes. Admission to the foam party was € 20 + € 3 compulsory cloakroom fee. We also got a nice pink Spicymatch bag which the goods was able to have in the cloak room. It was allowed to take a towel and sunscreen to The naked area, but, for example, your own bottle of water was prohibited. When we got inside area it was hard to hold back a smile, because the sight and the atmosphere was like in a Roman orgy. People were friendly, smiley and erotically excited. There to there was seen people having sex.

In a Jacuzzi sexual intercourse was forbidden, but oral sex was not. The Club had its own department to Foam Party where the DJ played music and for a while we found that foam reached up to the ceiling. In the middle of the foam there were many people naked slippery foamed skins attached to each other. People touched each other on purpose and also accidentally, and also we were having contact to other couples. The feeling was just incredible - this is really hard to describe. Middle of the foam there was even large configurations practicing oral sex and sexual intercourse. The Club also offered free condoms. Also, we got nice smiles and looks in the hot tub when Brooke sucked Ridge’s cock Ridge having eye play with other couples and sipping sangria. A positive observation was that beverage prices were then lower than in the evening time 75cl bottle of wine costing 20 € and a liter of sangria 30 €.

Foam party lasted from two to seven. Women met in the toilet queue the Finnish pair, who was the fifth time in Agde. We also met Finnish friends we knew. A black young man who was hired lady escort to get inside the area, wanted to have a beer after party and he was waiting us outside the gate when we left out of the party. We drank beers with a guy and we agreed to meet next day on the foam party. Tired, but happy we returned to the hotel and we had a pizza, after which the bed again called smiling tourists.

On Tuesday, after breakfast, we decided by mutual agreement to take mojitos and leave again to the wonderful foam party. This time, tired of parking space search, which is difficult during high season Ridge drove to the Le Glamour parking lot where Parking cost € 5 for the whole day. We recommend this option. Foam party went in the same formula as the previous one and we were even so bold that we got warning whistle from the dominating hot tube lady. This meant that, no fucking in the hot tube.

We were at the correct time in the foams, when on the bar counter appeared armored drum player playing a spectacular drum solos. Thereafter, the Glamours beautiful dancers rose on the counter and threw Spicymatch products to the people in the foam. We got caught two hats and a pair of sunglasses.

We were wondering how to reserve sunbeds where you can have sex or just to stay. Brooke asked it from the dominating hot tube lady, who promised us a bed for the next day. Only rule was that we have to buy We pledged to buy at least one jug of Sangria on the next day. Yesterday’s black man did not appear on the scene at all. After party we ate a three-course dinner in the long formula, after which the hotel again called to bed.

On Wednesday, after breakfast we took morning Pinacoladas and after that we drove to the shopping center Hyper, which is a few kilometers from the hotel. Hyper is a large supermarket according to its name and it had a very good parking facilities, great selection and cheap prices. The next task was again move to the foam party, where we had booked a bed in a central location. We enjoyed the views, sangria, each other and contacting the other guests. In addition having erotic activities in the foam we catched a Spicymatch hat and two Spicymatch tops. Day entirety was yet another wonderful enjoyment. After preparing to go out and shower in the hotel we moved back to naturist village to eat perhaps the finest and most expensive dinner in the restaurant (but unintentionally). Ridge got the best mussels of his life. The service was really slow and prices high. The place is called Les Garden. After this, it was time to return to the hotel.

On Thursday morning after breakfast we went to a Ferris wheel, which we got great pictures from Agde port area. After sightseeing women went shopping and men took Margaritas. Then, we went to the beach we visited already on Sunday but this time we parked to Le Glamour park. At the beach party was as fun as the previous time, and we boldly went to go skinny swim to the ocean. In the sea we noticed some strange ring of men. Later, it became clear that there were masturbating men watching erotic plays of the couples. After beach we went to shops in naturist village in which was a stunning erotic clothes for sale. We also bought some of these clothes to us. Then we took Kebabs and drove to the hotel. In the hotel we started an own fashion show, which led to the orgy. You can find pictures from Spicymatch pages. (, with code rbspicy you can get 6 month free membership as new member).

On Friday, after breakfast, we visited the harbor area by boat and saw the area from the sea. Later in a Foam party we catched erotic mind and in addition we were able to catch two hats, strings and two Spicymatch thongs. Brooke got a top when ventured to the bar counter to dance hundred people audience watching her and other brave ladies performance. In the evening we went to Buffets, where we were able to eat mussels as much as you can among other offers. Anyway we recommend Agde mussels. In general they were good and really inexpensive relative to the price level of Finland. Then it was time for evening drinks and packaging.

On Saturday morning, after getting ourselves to the starting condition, we received the owner deposit back and we went to the supposed 4-hour drive to Barcelona. Expected drive increased to 9 hour due to traffic jams in Barcelona and we almost missed the plane. However, we managed to get the flight and now you can imagine the smile in our mouth at home in Finland where we already are planning another trip for next year with a bigger amount of couples.

Notice: The car is very handy when living outside naturist village, but finding a free parking spot is difficult everywhere.

The price level is really varied, so you should be careful with them.

We'll probably find yourself next year accommodation naturist village, although it is much more expensive and a very high probability for us is to fly to Cap d'Agde which is 12 km away to the airport.

Through Spicymatch you can get good benefits and free parties, so the annual fee will pay for itself.

You should also make sure whether the rental car to drive beyond the country's borders.

In addition, you should check whether the country of destination to be a car tax disc.

Not many people know how to speak English.

Prepare to traffic jams.

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We'll be in Cap D'Agde from 1st of August to 11th of August 2016 with our 18 friends from Finland. This time whole time in Naturist Village